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Guochun Jiang, Ph.D. – Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor
UNC HIV Cure Center, Institute for Global Health and Infectious Diseases (IGHID), and Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics

Yuyang Tang, Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor
UNC HIV Cure Center and IGHID

Gabriela Prates

Visiting graduate student and FAPESP fellow, Brazil.

UNC HIV Cure Center and BCBP


Xiaoyi Li, M.D./Ph.D.

Visiting scientist, Southern Medical University, China. UNC HIV Cure Center, and BCBP

Rui Zhao

Visiting Master student from the Department of Chemistry, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

UNC HIV Cure Center and BCBP

Eduardo de la Parra Polina

Undergraduate Research Assistant. SMART Awardee and RISE Germany Awardee/Bio395 class.

Brendon L. Brown

Undergraduate Research Assistant/Chem395 class


Yogesh Koppu

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Brielle Thrasybule

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Gabriella Ahn

Undergraduate Research Assistant


Ms. Emily Sang, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Dr. Dajiang Li, Postdoc Research Associate.

Mr. Smaran Sivashankar, Undergraduate Research Assistant.

Mr. Daniel Zhong, Undergraduate Research Assistant  (2022 Summer Research Awardee and Eve Carson Scholar).

Ms. Jiayi Du (Bio395 class), current position: MPH student in the School of Public Health at Yale University. 

Dr. Theresa L. Simermeyer, current position: Scientist, KBI Biopharma, NC.

Ms. Eduarda Blaschke, undergraduate Research Volunteer. 

Ms. Lilly M. Wong, current position: Biologist at Research Triangle Institute (RTI), NC. 

Mr. Baird Cotsakis (Bio395 class), current position: MD student, VCU School of Medicine, Richmond, VA.

Ms. Skyler Noble, undergraduate Research Volunteer. 

Ms. Surabhi A. Maske (Bio395 class), undergraduate Research Volunteer

Ms. Jialynn Huang, undergraduate Research Volunteer. 

Ms. Claire Chang (Bio395 class), 2020 SURF Awardee, current position: MD student, University of Connecticut Medical School, CT.

Ms. Michera I. Gentry, undergraduate Research Volunteer.

Ms. Nancie Hergert, current position: Clinical Research Coordinator, UT.

Dr. Mariana G. Weber, current position: Scientist, the Instil Bio, CA.

Ms. Courtney Saeteum, current position: Adjunct Clinical Instructor at USC School of Pharmacy and PGY1 Pharmacy Resident at VA greater Los Angeles Health Care System

Ms. Biftu Mume, current position: MD student, University of California at Davis, CA.

Dr. Maher M. Elsheikh, current position: Microbiology Laboratory Manager, Prime Analytical Laboratories, LLC, CA.

Ms. Abigail Mende, current position: PhD student, University of California, Berkley, CA.

Mr. Beau H. Parry, current position: PhD student, University of California, Davis, CA

Mr. Don Nguyen, current position: MD/Ph.D student, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, NY.

Dr. Parmveer (Shan) Hansra, current position: Radiology Resident, Department of Radiology at UC-Davis, CA.

Dr. Erica A. Mendes, current position: Scientist, ViiV Healthcare, NC.



  • Drs. Sara Gianella and Antoine Chaillon at UC-San Diego
  • Dr. Anne Chaudhari at Emory University and Yerks National Primate Research Center
  • Dr. Katherine Bar at the University of Pennsylvania
  • Dr. Sarah Joseph at UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Dr. Satya Dandekar at California National Primate Research Center
  • Dr. Wenhui Hu at Temple University
  • Dr. Alan Engleman at Harvard University