March 2020

Ms. Clair Chang received her UNC 2020 Summer Undergraduate Student Fellowship (SURF) entitled “Targeting Tat/P-TEFb for Deep Silencing of Latent HIV Reservoir”. Congratulations to Clair and thank you, Ms. Lilly Wong, for your work during preparation of the fellowship!

Dr. Yuyang Tang’s paper entitled “Endogenous retroviral envelope syncytin induces HIV-1 spreading and establishes HIV reservoirs in placenta” was accepted by Cell Reports. This project was collaborated with Meharry Medical Collage, UC-Davis and Vanderbilt University. Congrats to Dr. Tang!

Our paper entitled “PEBP1 suppresses HIV transcription and induces latency by inactivating MAPK/NF-κB signaling” was accepted in principal by EMBO Reports.  This is collaborated with Zhu Lab in Fudan University. Ms. Lilly Wong was involved in some of the editing work of this manuscript. Thank you, Lilly.

Dr. Jiang received 2020 Center for AIDS Research Developmental Award entitled “HIV Reservoirs in the central nervous system”.

February 2020
Ms. Jialynn Huang joined Jiang Lab as an undergraduate Research Volunteer.
December 2019
Dr. Dajiang Li presented his poster entitled “Protein crotonylation sensitizes SMACm disruption of latent HIV by modulating the ncNF-κB signaling pathway at the step of p100 cleavage into p52″ at the HIV PERSISTENCE WORKSHOP 2019 in Miami, USA. Congrats to Dr. Li.
November 2019
Jiang lab proposal entitled “Protein crotonylation, ubiquitination signaling, and HIV transcription (QP1G)” was funded by Qura Therapeutics. Thanks to all the lab members for their work!

Dr. Yuyang Tang’s proposal entitled “Identifying long-lived HIV-1 cellular reservoirs in the central nervous system (new QP4G)” was funded by Qura Therapeutics. Congratulations to Dr. Tang.

October 2019
Undergraduates Baird P. Cotsakis, Claire Chang, and Surabhi A. Maske joined Jiang Lab as Research Assistant. Welcome Baird, Claire and Surabhi!
September 2019
Dr. Dajiang Li’s Abstract is selected for an oral presentation in 2019 BCBP Annual Research Retreat. Congratulations to Dr. Li.
July 2019
Dr. Jiang (PI) received a reward from NIMH/CARE Supplement to support his studies in HIV reservoirs in the CNS.

Dr. Jiang’s research paper titled “Dual effects of the novel ingenol derivatives on the acute and latent HIV-1 infections.” is published in Antiviral Research.

June 2019
Lilly Wong joined the lab. Ms. Wong was an undergraduate in UNC-Chapel Hill with a Bachelor degree in Science in Biology (Dean’s List, Fall 2015) and in Medical Anthropology. Welcome Lilly.

Dr. Jiang (PI) received a reward from Qura Therapeutic and NIH to support his deep latency studies.

Our review article titled “Deep latency: A New Insight into a Functional HIV Cure” is published in EBioMedicine.

Dr. Jiang (PI) received a funding from UNC Center for AIDS Research to support his HIV latency study.

Dr. Li and Dr. Tang presented two posters at the Annual meeting of UNC HIV Cure Center. Congrats to Dr. Li and Dr. Tang.

Ms. Michera Gentry joined Jiang lab as an undergraduate student Research Assistant. Welcome, Michera.

May 2019
Our review article titled “Gut Microbiome Alterations During HIV/SIV Infection: Implications for HIV Cure” is published in Frontier in Microbiology.
April 2019
Our research article titled “Disruption of latent HIV in vivo during the clearance of actinic keratosis by ingenol mebutate.” is published in JCI Insight.
February 2019
Dr. Yuyang Tang joined the lab. Dr. Tang is an experienced virologist working on the infection and pathogenesis of HIV, SIV, HTLV-1 and Zika. She was an Assistant Project Scientist in UC-Davis before she moved to UNC-Chapel Hill. Welcome, Yuyang.

Dr. Dajiang Li joined the lab. Dr. Li is an experienced virologist and molecular biologist working on EBV and KHSV. He was a Research Assistant Professor in the University of Utah. Welcome, Dajiang.

January 2019
Dr. Yuyang Tang (Co-Investigator) in Jiang lab received her R21 funding support for her Zika virus study to develop new compounds to attack Zika infection.